I Am A Warrior

You can't hear me

You can't see me

You can't feel me

You have given birth to me

But you ignore me

I am alive!

Not your dearly departed

And yet still to you I am a failure, forever imperfect

You have enriched my mind

With the thoughts that I'm not worth it

I spent my life fighting for you

When I gave up, you shrugged and said "OOPS"

I lived but I died inside

Unable to find what I can do with my time.

I am lost, I am scared.

All I knew was I will certainly fail.

But wait! A new thought?

What if instead of you, I thought of myself?

This is my turning point, my redemption arc

Today, I dig myself out of this hole

I claw from the darkness to the light

I am warrior and I fight for myself

I have been to hell and back in my mind

I have made it through

I am a bird who flies free in the sky

I am reborn from the tears I have cried

I am finding my path in life

And although you still can't see my success

You tough me how to stand alone

I believe in me for me

I need no one’s approval

I will stand tall, head held high

I am a warrior now. 

I will fight for what's mine.

This poem is about: 
My family


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