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A small detail of a person Just a genetic-a factor; not their pesonaity, not their anger, not their smile, but something they can't change.... nor want to.  
Why don't they just shut up? They don't know a single thing. They have no clue they are my problem. I want to stay away from every single one of them. I don't care if they are "family"
The color of my skin has caused a lot of people to hate me The dark brown reflection in my eyes is abhorred. I walk along the paved streets only to be discriminated against
Shock overcomes their body at the discovery of something new, Disgust infiltrates the mind of those discovering something they never knew, Curious as to what they are so surprised at, I would like to know too.
  Tale of an Immigrant by Christian Betancourt  
You use the word "Queer" you hope the picture is painted clear you judge off of looks  instead of the books homophobia is real they make such a big deal they are people too
 Descrimination.If I could change anything in the world it would be descrimination.
never did i think i could be one of those people the people who love... differently. never before did i think id experience feelings  for that of the same sex though now i find it somewhat rediculous.
I walk down this lonely alley every night  The moon lights my like a light tower in the sea I talk to the devil every night I meet this alley I hold him by the neck and he comes by the name of Jack 
Change. Such a broad word, for such a monumental feat. The key to change is tolerance.
In the beginning I'm granted with life. How can this be? I'm blessed with a soul that lasts for all eternity   There's a being that watches over me His existence is a mystery  
Look at her hair, Look at his shoes, There's a creepy man over there, drinking some booze. A white man shot, it's all over the news, A black man down "it's his fault, what did he do?"
  This skin is not my own; it's not a place I call home. Not somewhere I can be me, not a place where I can be free. Acid rain pierces my heart and tears my life apart.
Those who selfishly indulged in bailoutsInstead of going bankrupt,Who refurnished their lavish offices,Bought new gas guzzling cars andExpensive second homes with theirTax breaks and bonuses,
Standing in a row See revulsion in their eyes Together we stand All wishing, hoping, praying To be anywhere but here
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