I am from

I am from watching and learning

and watching my brothers grow up

while I was in diapers.


I am from rough and tumble

From dead end baseball

the land of skinned knees

and having adventures.


I am from patty cake in the hallways

I am composed of shared lunches

with school friends.


I am from daydreaming, softball, and dirty hands.

I am from pollypockets with my little sister

and fashion shows with homemade purses.

I am from wearing dresses to church,

never skipping a Sunday.

I am from do what you're told or else.

I am from obey me or I'll kick you.

I am from changing myself to fit in.


I am from loving children

and reading up past midnight.

I am from you can't hang out with us.

I am from talking to strangers

from not caring what others think I am

from trying to find the truth.


I am from never being able to sit still

I am of drumming.

From can't you think like us

to I like the way you think.

I am from a wealth of maturity

and not enough freedom.


I am from asking too many questions

I am from challenging the expected

from exceeding through patience

and hard work.

I am from watching and waiting.


I am from crying myself to sleep

I am from laughing until I cry

I am from being afraid of the dark

and people twisting my words.


I am from wishing tomorrow would never come

and from wishing I wouldn't be here when it does.

I am from not knowing

and from knowing too much.


I'm from trying new things

and staying up way too late.

From nights with drunken friends

to a drunken night with friends.


I  am who I am

And I will not apologize.



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