The Hurting & The Healing


Another year, another promise to myself to be happy


The weather outside isn’t the only thing that’s cold

The sadness transformed into hatred


I refuse to give up this time,

I will rise above… eventually


I will let go of the past

I will let go of the past

I will let go of the past


I long for the dead

I will be okay

I owe it to my parents

I owe it to myself


I don’t have to put up with him grabbing me like that

I won’t ever let anyone treat me that way again

Revelation: I am so much more than I think


My smiles are no longer rehearsed nor forced

I welcomed Seventeen among friends and family

I don’t feel so empty after all


This time next year I will be pursuing my dreams

All I’ve ever wanted was to help people


It’s getting colder, but I remain lighthearted

I have said my good byes to my departing friends

The self-loathing no longer consumes me


I am worthy of everything

I am not the disappointment I thought I was

Positivity becomes me


Despite all of the political nonsense,

I think this is the purest form of happiness I’ve experienced

It’s true what they say

Adversity introduces a woman to herself and her power

I am ready to take on the world


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