To the Hungry Girls

To the girls of the world

who skip all their meals,

weigh themselves daily 

and hate how they feel

To the girls who are afraid 

even to take a bite 

for fear of one pound 

even an ounce, just the sight 

of any gain will send them spiraling,

crying, and afraid 

those girls who hate themselves,

hate what God has made 

To the girls who are dying, 

starving, withering, alone

who need so much help 

but can't bear to pick up the phone 

I think you're beautiful

I think your heart is pure 

I think all bodies are perfect 

even though you're unsure 

how to rid yourself of fear,

how to ask for help

I know how you feel 

for I've been there myself. 

No matter how hopeless,

how terrible it seems 

there is someone who loves you 

who cares about your dreams

Believe in yourself

you're beautiful, it's true 

and remember 

there is no one on earth like you. 



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