How Time Flies


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It seems as if it were just yesterday that I entered into this world
And was held in your arms for the first time
It was at that moment that a deep connection formed
And it was this from which a great friendship was born

You taught me how to eat, walk, talk, and pray
You worked and dropped me off at daycare
And even when I begged you to stay
You comforted me by telling me that you’d be home later that day

Oh, how time flies

Oh how I loved how you drove me to school each day
And how you would try your best to beat the train
But often times the train would make us wait
But it didn’t matter to you because you were with your daughter
You didn’t mind how long you had to wait

I loved your corny jokes,
You always knew how to make me laugh,
And how you’d come with me on school fieldtrips
You were my other half

Oh, how time flies

Now I stand here, a young lady
Away from home
And on my own
Starting a new chapter in my life
While it’s a different and scary feeling sometimes
I know that I’ll never really be alone
Because you’re here for me and wish to see me thrive

Dad, I love you
You’re always on my mind
And while I’m away at school I’ll keep you close to my heart
Still I’m sad that I have to go so far
Oh, how I hate how these times cause us to part

But I know that this is for the greater good
You and Mom will be proud

You’re my father, my buddy, my confidant, my friend
But until I can make it home again
I can only help to imagine
When we’ll see each other again

Oh, how I hope time flies



This poem encompasses my hardships moving away from home for college. Being 1800 miles away from my parents has been challenging, especially leaving my Dad , my best friend, who's been with me for the majority of my life.


Thanks so much for sharing this :) 

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