How Love Dies, When Love Lies, Where Love is Revived

Grandfather, I thought you loved me?

You said it as you held me close.

All the times we laughed with glee,

And when we would garden outside.

Then we were in your room, I froze

I begged for you to leave me be

After you left was when my soul died.


Zane, I thought you loved me?

You said it when we were friends.

I told you what had occurred,

And trusted with my mind and heart.

Then we went out for the weekend,

And to a creek I was lured,

You screwed, beat, and tore me apart.


Justin, I know you love me.

You have seen me put together and broken.

I told you of my troubles,

And believed in your kindness and sympathy.

You are intelligent, funny, and outspoken.

You make my doubt go away and my happiness double.

Thank you for not treating me differently.


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