House of a Monster


I stayed in the house of a monster,                                                                                                                                                                                        it was nothing like you’d expect.
It was full of life and joy,
the living room was covered in toys.
You would never believe that a monster inhabited the house,
unless you met him.
Sly, cunning, deceptive,
this monster played the game well.
He allowed you to feel secure, safe and welcome in his presence.
The monster had a secret,
many were blind to it.
It wasn’t obvious at first,
he hid it well.
Over time he’d slip and you’d see into the darkness in his room.
Once you realized you were trapped in his house,
the game was on.
He’d feed you lies for breakfast,
offer you meaningless praise for lunch,
and indulge you on hatred for dinner until you slowly felt no need to escape.
He’d corrupt your purity and dismantle your strongholds until you became a beast like him.
There were those who escaped,
he poisoned me against them.
Once my comrades in arms,
now the enemy I shot at.
I was no longer a captive but his loyal soldier in the war.
I used to be afraid of staying in the monster’s house,
then I became his general.
But the monster withdrew from the fight,
he abandoned his army.
The animalistic ferocity disappeared from my eyes,
I rediscovered my imprisonment
and plotted my escape.
My freedom cost me half of my heart,
I left behind my companions.
I could not rescue my fellow cell mates;
they have not escaped.
I once lived in the house of a monster,
I fell victim to his game.
I escaped from the house of a monster
and I’ve lost what I loved,
but I’ve grown into a phoenix,
watch what I become.



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