Hispanic Plant


Miami, Florida
199 SW 12th Avenue Apt. 307
United States
47° 36' 3.4668" N, 122° 19' 1.3008" W

 Plants are like people,

They all come in different colors

Just like Whites, Asians or Hispanics

Come in all shades,

Like all the colors of people.

Just because I am Hispanic,

Doesn’t mean that I’m an illegal immigrant

Doesn’t mean that I speak Spanish

Doesn’t mean that I listen to Reggaeton

Just because I’m American,

Doesn’t mean that I’m rich

Doesn’t mean that I’m superior than you

Doesn’t mean that I own a farm.

We all have equal rights.

I think that in every person there is something good and worth looking for,

Like every plant.

Just because I’m multicultural, don’t stereotype me.


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