Hey dad ? Why? Why wasn't


Hey dad ? Why? Why wasn't I good enough for you to stay out the streets, I know you miss the trips to the park, that little princess & daddy talk. Why did mommy had to do it all along she needed someone that was truly strong. I don't say much because there's nothing I can do besides suck up my emotions just like you used to do. Why wasn't you there to show me right from wrong ? Why wasn't you their to protect me from the hurt & pain, because your the men that is supposed to be very strong. Why won't you be their to walk me down the ale ? That special moment when my prince charming ask you for my hand and marriage,  my beautiful white dress would never be complete because you wont be right their when he get on his knees. Why would my kids have to grow up asking about their grandpa & I have no answers for their question because you shut me out your life. Why couldn't you pick up the phone call & check on your baby girl all time,  I can remember the little letters you sent made my whole world worth wide. Why did them letters stop, why am I walking around with un spoken feelings and pain of feeling abandoned. Yes mommy was their but it's nothing like that father touch, when your princess feels safe and loved.



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