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Set Aside              By:SeemsPoetic   Set me aside Just set me aside Leave me behind Hung out to dry  
Living without learning everyday would be crazy, If it was gone we would all seem lazy, It means so much in life because it is the only way, The only way we know how to do besides pray,
When it comes to what I need, it starts with wood & some strings. To create a sound, unique frets, techniques for each note, creates a sound that just allows, the siren of rock and roll.  
Angel is my girl I have known her since I started school She is as white as a pearl But she doesn't swim in the pool   She knows how I'm feeling Even though she may not know What I am saying
I, I am different without the filters, I sound different and look different when using filters. When I don't use filters, I sound and look nerdier than usual, I hate filters,
without clothes, face,  color or light it's corners or circles  or whatever I might.  I carry a bag of myself  I share with everyone.  Day, night, personal or for that one person 
Still: He sat. Blank: His mind. Once                 a mental sanctuary, now            a dull, parched Garden of Eden Imaginations free-flowing organ plugged
Just a shy girl waiting Waiting to be noticed.
Hey dad ? Why?
Without Music, I am Nothing. Without Photography, I am Nothing.  Without Reading, I am Nothing. Without Writing, I am Nothing. Without Friends, I am Nothing.
Poetry I just cannot seem to quit. Is their another form that I could do? Dickinson's poetry is not worth shit, And there is nothing that can beat haiku. It sure seems that Robert Frost knows his stuff,
Life would be unbearable without her. Nightmares would rain down, cascading over my dreams without her. Breathing would be cold. Stale. Harsh. Without her.
To be a woman in some ways more masculine than man To be a tree whose efforts bear no flowers nor fruit To be uninteresting, unattractive, and unloved To be showered with compliments and praise, and,
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