He's Not Worth It


He's not worth my love,

He's not worth my feelings.

He's not worth my pain,

And me getting upset over things.

He's not worth my thoughts,

He's relevant no longer.

He's not worth my sadness

Because I'm getting stronger

Through my own power

And self-determination,

He is no longer my motivation.

I will not dress just to impress

Because he's not worth it.

I was convinced he was the one,

But his jigsaw piece just doesn't fit.

A square was never meant to fit a circle,

Just like red pants don't go with a shirt of purple.

His oh-so-sweet words had no meaning;

They were just tossed about like stars gleaming,

Made to sound nice and make me feel good,

But they weren't substantial and they never stood.

So as his face crosses my mind,

I stop and remind myself he's not worth my time.



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