Helped with the Fetus

I saw my mom cry her eyes out
While I saw u sell your heart out.

So tell me all the things u wish I could have see
Tell me all the things u wish u could have done
Matter of fact don't say anything at all
Let me tell you all the things that you owe me
All the expectations you wont meet

I got a lot on my check list
All should follow up with an apology
Not a sob story
Or you can walk away like you didn't hear me
It's what you've done before
And it's what you can do now
The change of pattern is that now
I won't cry out
U think the house was cold because you weren't living in it?
Bitch please, my mom, I'll talk about my hero later
Let me correct myself, excuse me it wasn't house
A one room apartment without a living room
The space was shared between 3
You see my older brother, became the new father image
Sure he had his own frustrations
He made a big mistake and his hands weren't restrained
but he made better father than the not fucked up version of you could've ever made

My mom,you see she was this story's savior
Not the same one you leave out of thought when you pick up the liquor
You see I know him,
I know the one person you try not to think about
I know what he dead for
I know he still waiting for your reaction towards your own actions
Don't you ever dare to curse his name
You owe him for me not breaking this front door on your face
You see He's the only reason why I ever forgave you in the first place
But don't expect to come in here expecting nice behavior
Because a small part of me will forever hate you

This poem is about: 
My family
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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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