He Stopped


He was wounded in more ways than one
They told him go no one needs you here
He's like anyone else else but nobody saw
Saw what he could become
Not even him
He believed himself to be dumb
He listened to others to often
But alone with himself was a curse
For every thought was this verse;
Every thought another battle
Every breathe another war
And I don't think I'm winning anymore
He took a walk only to run into more thoughts
He felt everything he did was a mistake
He watched over his favorite lake
Then everything stopped 
He stopped talking
He stopped listening
He didn't even hear [the foul words]
He stopped seeing
\He stopped crying
He couldn't have feelings
He stopped being put down
He stopped walking with his head down
He stopped being pushed around
He stopped all of this
All because he decided to stop breathing
No bliss


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