He Doesn't Want Me

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 00:13 -- clnlua

He wants a smarter girl

With just enough charm and wit

But knows when to keep her mouth shut

Someone he can be proud of

Someone that hasn’t disappointed

Someone he can control with a look

A girl who is submissive enough not to fight

A young lady that listens

Someone who only speaks when spoken to

He wants her to be seen

Not heard

And when given the opportunity only speaks with love and heart

But he doesn’t want her to be free

And she’ll never be free of him

His jealousy

His control

His passive aggression

His territorial tendencies

She’s never free

That’s why he didn’t want me

I’ve been stuck in his trap of isolation

And only escaped with time and patience

But now I know better

I don’t keep my mouth shut and I’m not as dumb as he thinks I am and I have more fight in me than he has ever had and I love to speak freely and unkindly about the kind of man he is and what kind a father he wasn’t

I am not who I am because of him

I am who I am despite his ever present absence


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