A Happy Memory

It was so cold,
We wandered through the woods to seemingly nowhere
Just because
Not even talking, just walking
It was raining, it was a nice feeling
My sweater was soaked, pulling me down
Although my mind felt weightless
My makeup ran down my face into mascara tears
We looked lovely
We walked along the train tracks slipping on the little rocks
Our silly laughter of nothingness ringing in our ears
Over the white sound of the rain came
Distant screams of a train
We held on to each other
Oblivious to our chattering teeth and shaking fingers
We waited
Its blue front came around the trees
Its lights caught on rain drops one after another
It flew past our faces
A passenger train,
The people it held
Gawked at the children standing in the cold
From inside they watched our faces fly by theirs
And in a second they were gone
We were robbed of our breath
Forcing us back
We burst
Everything was wonderful
Our smiles, not for a second slipped from our cold washed faces
We were so content, with everything, everyone
For a moment perhaps we were in love,
With life, with being a teenager, with each other
Our eyes wide with amazement,
We laughed.
That was the happiest I’ve ever been
I was in love with everything


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