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16. Senior. Writing is a secret passion of mine. Please contact me with any feedback, positive or negative!
_____ and me, we as good as can be.  _____ totally hates me now. I had a dream about _____ last night.  _____ never sleeps. _____ and I...
So I took a walk down memory lane And opened too many doors.  Met too many demons, I'd rather forget.  You were there  With your sad sad...
Through sun baked window 
I see the world in nightly splendor 
Pockmarked by the evening stars
 Adorned with the mournful call of a...
We used to be best friends Only for awhile Till falling                  red                       leaves  And falling...
The status quo declares
 that fantasy is the realm
 of lunatics and children
 and not for the likes of
 so-called “mature adults"
 but I...