Is happiness that far away for me?


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(poems go here) Just end it already,
The statement rings in my ears,
As I sit here writing this letter to you,
I want to do it,
Why not end it now?
I always think of it why not now?
I can’t control my ways,
I don’t choose to love who I do,
These people attack me,
They call it a sin,
They call it unnatural,
They call it repulsive,
They spit at me
Shove me into lockers,
Kick me when I’m down,
I don’t get why they bully me
I try my best to be nice,
I’m honest to a fault,
I guess it’s not fair,
When another kid is sitting their with a gun to their head,
Maybe they’ll take notice too how much it can hurt,
They know that its mean,
Haven’t they been taught better,
One rule we hear as children is,
“If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all”
Then why the rude comments,
The remarks to me,
I can’t help it,
My mind is telling me it’s all real,
I didn’t chose this,
I don’t want this hate,
I just want to be happy,
I just want to be accepted,
I just want the rights I deserve,
I just want to FREE,
I am in the land of the free,
Shouldn’t we all be?
Don’t take me wrong I love who I am,
I just want to be me.

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