Growth in a Year

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 21:50 -- monimey


January, the new year started. 

              I still kept to myself.

February, the days became colder. 

               As I became to be.

March, I met my best friend. 

            My days became more adventurous. 

April, I met a boy in a different light.

          My best guy friend of four years, newly lover. 

May, my life was ethereal.

         I had friends who loved me, 

         a boy who cared for me,

         family who supported me,

         I loved life.

June, my junior year came to an end.

         Along with my desire to hold up a happy front.

         Friends were drifting, the boy gave up, 

         and my family had no clue.

July, welcoming the warmth that came with summer.

        My birth month. 

        Yet I didn't feel the warmth within me.

August, before my last year of high school started.

             I busied myself to distract me from feeling alone.

September, school started.

                  I put on a mask that resembled contentment.

                  As much as I tried not to, misery still consumed me.

October, I went through school how I always did.

               School, study, sleep, repeat.

November, realization came about.

                   I would never be happy,

                   not if I didn't reach out.

December, I forgave those who might've wronged me.

                  Love is the best thing I can give.

                  I will not let my past experiences shape me into something that the world

                  has enough of.

                  Bitterness and hatred.

January, 2017. I reach out to people, I say yes to acceptable adventures.

                        I smile more.

                        I engage in genuine kindness.

                        I laugh at the silliest things.

                        I'm beginning to fall in love with being alive,

                        I'm finally happy.

My growth in a year.


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