Growth of a Woman


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GROWTH OF A WOMAN  foundation soil brown green grow from the roots to the trunk to the stems to the leaves birth of a nation combustion of the sun  pineal gland exploded to conceive this gravitational cycle of planets molded into a wound holding a light source it was that supernova force the torch was lit and its fire never burned out just temporarily dimmed but why? our forest interrupted by the global warming and soulful figures who came in and tried to control our roll on growth and our landscaping  from the bottom to the top from the inside and out cut down and even demolished by their scolding fire how we come from being looked at as the mother to beneath the feet of a misguided brother pedestal bound, but to what means and to whose? I am who EYE say to me and my own from adolescent to old i am told what to do what to wear how to look how to act how to not act to be modest to be meek to be quiet to listen and not speak don't talk unless you're talked to don't express your intellect but I am the galaxy I created this diabolic universe and since existence what i'm forbidden from is in my hands human authentic nature death successful how am I mother when I'm being build and controls metropolis transformed world, oh ave maria manipulated for their change of domination and that's why the world dying upon nations  you cant expand until you realize that  you are freedom you are love you are creativity you are expression womanhood is acceptance womanhood is confidence don't pretend your love you cant be a con fo' dis   even you can see right though that crocked mirror mimicking versions you wish to be but not accepting to be subconsciously foreshadowing societies description into your persona, aura  your light is a reflection of you don't allow it to dim synchronize your swim  as you grow from a girl to a woman 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Such beautiful poetry with a mesmerizing image! Perfect combo! Continue on with your poetries. ^_^


thank you! I appeciate it!

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