I always told you the truth

I figured it was common courtesy

But you molded it

Into a monster you used against me.

I watch you

from these walls I’ve built over the years

Wishing you cared enough

To try and climb them.

It must feel great

To be happy

While I sit here

Helpless without you.

I used to think

That you were my happiness

Little did I know

I was never yours.

The only feeling I’ve known

Since you left me

Will forever be more real

Than any feelings I thought you had.

They say time heals all wounds

But the knife you left in my back never healed

My feelings left when you stole my heart

But you still live on in my memory.

You became everything I wanted

And walked out with no reason

I forgave you for the things you did

But couldn’t forgive myself for falling for you.

Dreams are what I relied on

When everything I wanted

Spiralled into chaos

And flew out of my life.

You always seemed to make them

To cover your intentions

If only you tried that hard

In telling the truth.

I couldn’t help it

When I was with you

You faked it the best you could

At least they are real without me.

My apologies were as countless

As my feelings were for you

You must have lost track

Because they meant nothing to you.

This is how we spent our time together

I thought it was your comfort

But you must have been thinking

About how you would break me off.

I was preoccupied thinking

How I could please you next

You thought about yourself

And how you deserved better.

You thought it was annoying

So you left me because of it

Yet I was sad

Because I feared you would leave

I feared the day you’d move on

Because I knew I couldn’t do it

But he could make you happy

Everything I couldn’t do.

Our relationship was one-sided

But you helped me realize my fears.

Falling for someone

Who cared as little as you did.

I wish I could hate you

For the traps you lured me into

But my legs broke in the fall

And I wish you saw I could never leave you.

I poured everything I had into us

But I could never complete you

I was fulfilled in your company

Yet your needs were beyond me.

I used to miss all of you

Your smile, your laugh

But even love is lost to time

Now I just feel the void you left.

Coping with depression by ignoring all sadness

Is a means to no end.

Instead, the road to happiness

Is through accepting sadness as a part of life.

It's been years since you've left

and the lessons I've learned through the pain

will help me forget you

and truly move on.










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These are a collection of poems I've created over the course of 2 years about the hardships of a breakup. It was difficult for me to learn from my mistakes, but am now I much happier person! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

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