The sun is asleep and the moon is only half awake.
My mind is blurry and my heart is half paced.
Crickets are chirping in slow motion as I ascend into open space.
It's beautiful how the clouds can give such a cool sheltering embrace.

I'm alone but the stars smile at me and their flickering dances make good company.
I'm floating away, but i know this place.
I have been here before.
I'm far away from sanity and i'm afraid i have gone mad.
Everything is peaceful and my face is blank but not sad.
My mind was in a corset but it’s coming unlaced.
I never want to leave this hallucination, because there is something so comforting about the way i feel so accompanied in my own mind when i'm alone.
This is my mental utopia and returning to reality would be a sure disgrace.

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