The tears fall, so far down,

from the deck of the bridge into the watery brown.


Anger comes, an overwhelming rage,

“why did you do this?” look at your age…

Just 21, taking the world on head first,

When I got the news my heart nearly burst.


It’s hard now that you’re gone,

Who can I laugh at now Ron?


At work it’s the worst,

those memories are the fondest…

Scratching tickets with Garfield, Gatorade, “Pig” Sandwiches,

or messing around, getting ragged on washing dishes.


The radio helps, even though it hurts,

I rock out to the tunes, volume at 30,

All of your favorite jams, I even made a CD.


I keep a picture of you in my car,

So that wherever I go, you’re in my heart.


My “big brother” always watching, making sure I make it through.

“Just keep trying, you can do it don’t give up…”

I haven’t yet, I can’t, I won’t…

not until you come home.


Until then though,

The tears fall down, so far down

from the deck of the bridge into the watery brown.



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