We shouldn’t have to choose
Between our mental health and our GPA,

But we do.

And that’s why you see kids
Standing on rooftops,
Looking down on their lives
Saying, “I can’t take this anymore.”
The pressure you all put on us,
For what?
To go to a college that half of us
can’t even afford to think about.
And then you tell us, 
When we’re working our dead end jobs,
That we should have 
“Simply gone to college.”
Thousands of dollars a year,
And a bit of our souls
For nothing but a piece of paper
Telling us that we can do something
Significant with our lives.
Well, I don’t need a piece of paper
to tell me what I can do.
I know.
I know what I am capable of.
So when will this madness end?
When will you stop killing our spirits,
Our souls…
For a piece of paper?



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