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I am awake yet not conscious, Held captive in the no man's land between Consciousness and Oblivion. The hours stretch on and on And yet, peace still does not come.
       Oh God                                                     
I watch over the world From my throne above the clouds Watching the people pass by As if they think I'm not around   They question my existance Their words pierce my heart Why can't they see
Can you put a price on education? I'm not talking about a cost, I mean a price. This degree is work that, That degree is worth this. Go to school here for this, Go to school there for that.
What harm can we do you on our knees?
With it we have created monuments containing artistry and Beauty. Yet we have also pillaged and destroyed each others lives and things. We have used it to try and spare all life.
I only want to leave this place. Yet at my current pace, I'm going to trip and stumble. Everything I do ends up as bad as a sports metaphor referencing a fumble. So now I'm just angry,
In the midst of chaos and confusionI trust God cause his power’s no delusionThanks to his grace my body keeps movinStayin in his word cause the truth is so soothin 
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