Glowing Fire

Off you go, daughter

To a land of your own

For you and yours

To glow, and grow


I love you, and I love you too

I will never stop loving you, no matter what

That’s what you both say, right?

If you ever need me, I am here


Look into the sky, and see the stars

You’ve been told that they are stars

Look into a telescope; tell me what you see

Fire, gas, a burning victim


As I have seen this before

It is not the same

Deja Vu, they say

But of a different perspective?


I need you now, where are you?

You said you would be here, right?

You’re supposed to love me, I know

Maybe you hate me, and maybe you too


You told me to grow up

And that college would do that

It did its job

Independent, but not yet free


Look through the telescope again

A little different this time

Deja Vu, they say

But of a different setting?


This is life

You know what it is, and what it should be

You’ve been told, but have you seen?

As the peephole opens up, it becomes more clear


The change lies here

In the midst of confusion

I am grown, but not

I still need you, but don’t


I love you, and you love me

Unconditionally, especially through the bad times

You said it, you meant it

I need you, and you are here


We are the same, mom and dad

You’ve loved me, even in the pain

You never hated me, and I never hated you

Understanding what was never understood


So bright and sure

Of fire and gaseous states

Burning so beautifully

I can see it so clear


Life is what it is

But never what I once knew it to be

It changes by the minute, daily

Weekly, monthly, annually


We grow, and shine so bright

Like the burning fires in the sky

You will never really see

Until you open up your view


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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