Glow-Up, Grow Up Scholarship Slam


wen i grow up i want to sav the world

recess *bell rings*

we r going to be best friends

i dont want dad to hurt mommy

middle school

They dnt understand

My life isn't normal

ill nvr get anywhere

i want dakota to <3 me

high school

I fled home. 

8 schools and 

3 states

later, I am finally free.

I still want to save the world one day

but first I must save myself. 


Cognitive behavioral therapy is essential for recovery.

I found myself again.

Determined to find my way.

I'm pursing a Bachelors in Nursing. 

I have a passion for serving others 

especially those in unfortunate circumstances. 

One day I'll oversee a well renowned nursing home

recognized for their quality care.

Then I'm going to save the world.



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