That Girl Susie

That girl Susie.
She came in school today.
Those kids pushed her around the hallway.
They threw her books into the pond,
Out the window,
And in the woods.
Why do they torment that girl Susie? That girl Susie.
She didn't come in school today,
The others said she was a freak and to stay away.
That kid stood up for her.
That kid was unnoticed,
I saw the desperation in his eyes,
I heard his voice crack.
Why do they ignore this kind boy? That girl Susie.
She was back in school today,
I spoke with her in PE she had a note on her back saying 'you will pay.'
She ignored it and spoke with me like a civilized person.
I asked why those kids were pushing her around,
She patted my head and said she's ok.
What was that in her eyes? It's that girl Susie.
She's sat alone,
In the park,
Swinging and crying.
Those kids came over.
They pushed her off the swing,
They kicked her and punched her.
They left her on the ground barely breathing.
Why didn't she fight back? That girl Susie.
She didn't come in school today,
The day before that,
The day before that.
Where was she? That girl Susie.
She was on the news today.
The head lines read 'girl found beaten up in park, almost dead'.
Her mother and father don't seem to care,
Those tears are fake,
Did they not care for her? That girl Susie.
She fell in a coma.
I was visiting her when this happened,
Her mother and father blamed me for her state.
I stood in front of the man with the big wig and hammer,
I was found guilty for something I didn't do.
I didn't do anything, why didn't I help her? That girl Susie.
I watched the news behind this cage today.
She was dead.
I felt like I had something to dread.
I got an invitation.
To her funeral, I mean.
I declined.
I didn't want to go,
Guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt.
The pain of guilt spread through me.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you tell anyone? That girl Susie.
She's been gone for two years,
I have been behind bars for another two,
And another two after that.
I have lost count.
I miss that girl Susie.
I am sorry, Susie.
See you soon?


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