Giants I Face

They Stand Tall, Higher Than The Sky,

I Know They Could Kill Me, But I Continue To Fight.

They Throw Me Off, Yet I Climb On Again Because If I Don't Get Up,

I'll Never Know What It Feels Like To Win.

They Come In Many Shapes And Size,

It's Hard To Even Look Into Thier Cold Dead Eyes,

They Only Things I Have, Seem So Useless,

And People Think I Fight Because I Am Clueless.

My Sword, My Bow, & My Hand,

With These I Feel Invincible As I Make My Stand.

Staind With Thier Defeat,

So Many It Seems I Must Beat.

These Giants I Face,

Prepare Me To Brace,

For Whatever Is My Fate.

If I Die On This Quest,

Bury Me With My Sword Across My Chest,

For That Is A Symbol Of A Good Warrior's Death.


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