Friend Zone


United States
24° 41' 11.7276" N, 81° 29' 37.6764" W

Your brown eyes enchant me
While My insides haunt me
With wings of butterflies flapping around
Breaking the spider webs for a new era
My thoughts provoke me to say shut-up
While my heart is whispering speak up
I want to put an end to friends
And get a ship full of relations
I want to put the idea in motion
But I don't want to tumble-down that hill
Leaving my heart out on the road
Anticipating the car to stroll
The fact is your with some other girl
And im just a good friend on
that back burner you call your heart
but you'll hang on to her with a strand called virginity
While I bubble over wishing you prosperity
It's not that it hurts
It's just you're not alert
You think your dancing in the park
When in reality you're sitting in the dark
Basically breaking my heart
I want to blurt all this out
But we both know ill just sit here and pout
Time will take its toll
The question is how long till I get this ball to roll
How long till I stop feeling
Hoping that one day you'll start revealing
Will it ever pass
Or will I be the joke of her last laugh


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