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I heard your voice over my morning alarm. Then it was silence. I picked myself off of the hard wood floor, Got dressed Reached for the door and felt you on its brassy doorknob.
Let’s sleep.
Oh rambunctious mind When will you unwind? You toss & you turn Like this body of mine   You pound in my head As if you're filled with dread
Sleeplessness encapsulates my thoughts Riddles holes into confident Tarps Roofing Windbreakers Breaking wind all over my  Overjoyed  Overstimulated 
Your brown eyes enchant me While My insides haunt me With wings of butterflies flapping around Breaking the spider webs for a new era My thoughts provoke me to say shut-up While my heart is whispering speak up
I envy the sheets that wrap and twist around you. I envy the pillow where you rest your head. I envy the floorboards to which you whisper your sleeping secrets and that catch your seldom tears.
My eyes are getting heavy My body’s falling asleep But my mind keeps on reaching For a truth I cannot see It’s out there somewhere so far away Or is it in my chest so close to home?
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