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A friend, a sister, a part of me

I loved you so dearly, but you left me

You became obsessed with the image of an aider

Rather than aiding yourself

Like really


I knew you had problems and this is the way you decided to forget

The only thing that hurt me was that I was being left behind

in the dark to hear all your lies

as I became oblivious within the scene


You were my art

The flower that everyone doodles and never realized it

You were always there even when you weren’t

You always were


But I realized that it was only me who saw what she wanted to see

And now here we are alone again

competing against something that isn’t even our friend

So this is what I plan to do and I’m going to tell you


Whatever you are going through

I am not sorry for losing you

I hope you have learned from what you did wrong

and correct it when the right person comes


My dear friend please forgive me

but never forget me for in another life

we will live life right

In the meantime, let us prepare for battle

and grasp what you and I have lost

But you and I both know that not even all the armor that we wear can protect us in this fight

Within the sky so high we are going to fall, crash, and cry


Soon I’ll be back to your side

lying next to you as we smile at the stars that shine above us illuminating the night of the heavens that will welcome us

reuniting the lost giving us another try to fix time


Till then let us move on,

we enjoyed our time together and if the universe decides that we will meet again,

we will correct the past to a new present and future tense




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