Freedom Isn't Dead.


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Everything just seems really fragile

The sophistication of a thought virus

That erupted in my soul

And all at once 
the words come

Like a rush of desperation 

Flooding the paper 
desperate for anything 

A sigh 

A relief 





I panic in a fetal attempt to reason 
with left side logic 

But my creativity spills over

Creating scenes 

of tales 
that haven’t happened.

I try and hold on to a shred of sanity 

As the feeling takes over

It wakes me

From a forever deep slumber

Enlightened memories 

Stuffed underneath piles of 
Irrelevant nonsense

Flooding our minds 

Streaming from screens 

I’m trying to live! 

I'm living to try and find 


Rings through my head 

In a confused attempt 

To reason with the concept 

Free the panic 

Free the madness 

Free my power

Free the injustice

A subconscious 
Desire to succeed 

A feeling rooted in a community 
I was only ever taught to fear 

Yet I was only ever taught with love 

The feeling is so strong 
It hurts 

The complexity of the issues

It’s not that I’m jaded

It’s that I’m stranded 

On an island 

With a rowboat 

The sea readies to swallow me in 

And I can only see shallow deep 

Meanwhile the possibilities become

The steady click of a keyboard

Paper and Black Ink 











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