Free Atmosphere


Launch me into the atmosphere,

So I can float among the stars.
Sail me across the ocean,

So I can see freedom near and far.

Too long this cage has confined me,
my wings decrepit and losing feathers.
Too long this disease has defiled me,
without sign of getting better.

The cure so far from reach,
beyond my ever straining grasp.
The effort alone murders my speech,
cough, choke, rasp.

The rigid bars containing,

No way out.
This condemned mind is contemplating,
but this cage is crafted from fear and doubt.

Escape was pondered,
a dense woodland through which I could wander.
Where the rivers bend,
and my wounds might mend,
in the atmosphere of the free over yonder.

But this cage,
this cage...
Can I ever break this cage?
Re-write this book,
page by page?

Give it a new name,
a new cover.

Nothing will be the same,

I’ll paint my life a whole new color.

Write it weird,

And write it true.
Make it about me,
and not about you.

It's possible, right?
Day by day,
night by night,
I can write this new,
because I know what’s right.

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