Baby beluga in the deep blue sea

You swim so wild and you swim so free

Heaven above and the sea below

You’re just a little white whale on the go!


I so look forward to a time

When I can gaze down at a body that is mine


Flat chest

No breasts


Scar lines will run from under my arms

But these lines won’t be the signs of harm


Instead they’ll be proof that I made it through

Marks that say “I

do what I have to do

to be true”


To myself and to everyone around me

They’ll vow “I

promise to be the best

me I can be”


And maybe by being true to myself

I can do the same for others

If I can help just one person recover

from a bad place

like so many others did for me

I can show that sometimes this world

                isn’t a bad place to be.


When I can look down

and be happy with what I’ve found



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