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I'm a freak But not meek  Not weak  I am what I am  You see I'm me I'm not scared to be Please You can't hurt me Oh oh no I express my self creatively No stopping me
people with depression aren't lazy people with anxiety aren't rude people with mental illness aren't crazy people with suicidal thoughts are boo'd it's like i can't get through with a fucker like you!
We laugh at the freaks and the geeks Because that’s just the way it is Like smoke blown in our faces and a voice saying “That’s show biz” We fear what we don’t know
Bee Beep Bop Buttons and keys Pop Sounds Don’t Stop Like or Not Walk little or Lot The ears you got Show the sounds don’t stop   Each tells another story
You're an infant in space,Is that what it is?
I want your hands on my bodyYes like that i want it badlyBaby caress me...I want you to pleasure meI've been missing your touchIt's time to catch upGrab my lap put them upCome here let me kiss that
When the freaks come out to sing.. I want you to know what it means..  Listen to the words before you push them to the dirt..  Come out and play!!  When the creeps come out to play and belief of what it's worth.. I want you to know there pain befo
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