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If ever, One day Your children  Find the love letters I’ve wrote you Tell them This is the type of love They should search  Far and wide for Someone to teach them 
Strolling the dark street / I’m walking with a cold gaze / Have I declared defeat... / running through life's maze? / I remember a phrase / “Mend the wound, Forbid distress” /
I wonder what it’s like to go through the death of a loved one. A lifelong friend, a sibling, a parent, a lover. One day here, the next gone. Maybe there were warning signs, maybe there were none.
You're an infant in space,Is that what it is?
  Shells bursting is the only din. The dirt launched up from the moist ground. My vision is blinded by the light. I must withstand. Even despite The fact that I cannot be found.  
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