Forever Unhealed

As each day goes by there is not a hour I am not thinking about you

I can't even type this poem without tears forming in my eyes

Why did you have to do me the like that?

It's been 3 months and each day has been filled with cries

I loved you, you were my baby

Now you're a bunch of memories that makes me feel crazy

On October 14, 2014 we met and on March 29, 2015 I said "yes"

Then time went by and we fell in love, yet we were always on an off

You changed on me instead of changing for me

You participated in infidelities which lead me to finally leave you "for good" on

 April 6, 2016

I wish I had left you sooner because you disrespected, lied to, and neglected me at times I needed you most,

Then May 15,2015 I sat with your family as you graduated,

Not those other females, but me

I let my feelings get in the way and just like old times we could not leave each other alone

But in the course of that we were also quareling because you'd never come to terms with what you've done

Our last day together, we did not talk

Before going our separate ways we kissed and let each other know that we are still here for one another

Yet you act as if I don't exist, or like I broke your heart

Things were always up and down with you, very hot and cold

You don't even aknowledge the damage you've done and have yet to apologize

My heart is forever shattered, I am forever broken, I will be forever unhealed

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