I've paid the price of losing someone

I lived my life without a rule book

I'd always imagined he'd be the one

I came untied and fell to ashes

I loved him, he made me cry


I can't rewind the clock, take back time

I can't do what I want to

I can't find what's lost, what I once called "mine"

How can I fix what's broken?

I loved him, he made me cry


I don't know, nor care

I feel so insecure, so alone

I see him everywhere

I'm losing myself: I've lost my mind

I loved him, he made me cry


What will I do? How do I live?

I can't go on without him by my side

I depended on him, but he wouldn't give

I trusted him even when he lied

I loved him, he made me cry


Such a stupid girl I was

I could've left, should've. but no

I loved him 'cuz

Somehow he was good to me though

It all changed

I loved him, he made me cry


But now he sees me happy as ever

I couldn't cry forever

So now I've moved on

To something much better

And what we had is gone




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