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Moon turns to meet the sun when the sky turns dark at  night to begin to Change of power in the sky  of the moon that looks  like a big eye out of space.
All my life I questioned if he existed.  Until one day everything changed, I met people who loved me Who loved him with all their heart
A ‘somebody’ to me is someone who is successful.  Somebody who can tell their future kids someday that you can accomplish anything with determination and self-discipline.  For me, a ‘somebody’ also means someone who can change people’s lives.
Adventurers' hearts follow my trail as I roam Soaring ever higher bits of debris on the wind sparkle  
There once was a man Who laid under an old sicamore tree He was young but wise And seen good in Gods eyes He'd nod and wave Whenever one called his name  He'd never pout 
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