First and Last Love


One September night you say to me

Something shocking that I couldn’t quite see.

“I know this is sudden and it seems kind of fast,

But you were my first love, and you will be my last.”


It seemed to me we met just the other night.

That kind of a future wasn’t even in my sight!

We’re so young. How could you possibly know?

These feelings are as foreign as your foe!


You look at me and on the fence you lean,

I think to myself, I’m practically a teen!

One day we’ll move on and love someone new.

We’ll be gone, and one day, I won’t be with you.


You say you love me, but you move too fast.

You say I’m your first love, but I know it won’t last.


Then, years pass and I’m left to think,

You’re still here, and haven’t broken our link…

This doesn’t match up. I had it down to a tee!

Why are you still here? How could this be?


But then it hits me and I remember

What you said to me that one September.

You said to me, way back in the past,

I was your fist love and would be your last..


This took me some time to see, I’m not very fast.

But you were my first love and now you’re my last.


I remember our first kiss, way back in the past,

You were my first kiss, and now you’re my last.

We were meant to be, we fit like a cast,

You were my first love, and now you’re my last.


We were young and I couldn’t see,

But now that I’m with you, I know it’s meant to be!

I love you and you love me.

It’s as simple as it gets, so get on one knee!


Forgive me for not remembering exactly when I first met you

As mortals, we all forgot and had to renew.

But some things you never truly forget.

It’s just stored away in your brain locked as if in a net


We will be together longer than this mortal life can last,

I knew you before this earth, way back in the past.

You were my first love, and now you’re my last!


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