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Growing up is tough. Requires a lot of self- Trust Often times  You can misjudged  Situations  Where there is 
They say that I need help, Call me Crazy, Impulsive,Broken, label me with anger Issues They think that I got problems controlling myself, But that ain't what it is  I can't control how I feel, But I control how I deal
My childhood was more than average. Happiness and fun seemed endless Bits of insecurity on the inside started gathering, and with  my young mind gave me limits
Sometimes you get so caught up. Spun so far around, that they're winding you up. Coiling you into a speedball before they send you splitting the air, Hitting the air before you're batted away.
They grab  And they pull They try to change things around Like clay My life Think they can keep me sound But do they  Even know What I love to do? THEY are blind
Family is supposed to understand your pain Family is supposed to be there to keep you sane So what happens when a family falsely cares? You keep smiling and take all that you can bare  
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