"That Feeling Inside Me"


When I think of you,

Ah, I can barely believe it is true.

From the moment we met,

I could see there was something.

But could never tell what it was.

Two strangers meeting.

Can lead them to meaning everything to each other.

I would have never guessed,

You would be my world.

You have opened my eyes,

That have hidden lies.

There was always an emptiness in me.

Then there came you,

This strange feeling flowed into me.

It makes my heart skip a beat when I hear you voice,

And takes my breath away when you do the little things you do.

I could say what I am feeling out plainly,

But then it would have no meaning.

Je t'aime; Te amo; I could say,

Yet you would not understand.

Those mean nothing to you.

I am the 'Moon of you Life'

You are my 'Sun and Stars'

And I love you.



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