The Fear of Death

[ Me writing a letter to death]

October 10th.. Sending this letter from DeVonte, to.... to..,

Im going to start off this letter saying i dont like you, I fear of you but I will fight you,

Its like Im in game that you create, i have no choice to join and just play,

Thats the same time you control me to question about my faith,

Its like everytime you get near, I just stand still and watch you take all of my peers,

Why every single years you destroyed memeories I helped build,

 You got me blaming myself for each death in differents years,

You take everybody loved ones like you dont care, Thanks for reminding how life isnt fair

You showed me the good one dies early to live everlasting ,while us bad people wondering why it happend ,

Im starting to feel scared, please help me lord,The Lord replied ,"I CANT HELP YOU BOY!"

My mind fucked up, and it get more cold in the earth, im wondering why shit aint right,

"What the fuck taking you so long to take my life!", Im just saying that because im hurt and need fixing,

But I swear I will blow your brain out if you ever payed me a visit, Thats not realistic because you will never stop,

Im going to send you this letter, You can get it from the  P.o. Box


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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