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                     And I see him in someone's sideways smirk,                               someone's endless brown eyes,                             someone's smile when they laugh.  
We were like a summer suntan. It took time to create but once it was there Man, it was beautiful.   We had it all. We were the romance of movies. It was quick and easy
I always worried that people would notice and ask
I guess we're stuck on yesterday Take it down and pack away
Don't think you can ignore me Walk out of the door and out of my life I looked up to you and thought of you twice To me you were everything, the reason I lived and breathed
Girl you're a cute one, a quiet one The one I really really want one I was lovin' you from a far But I stepped in to feel that fire January's never been so hot Till I shot the question...
The best pair of shoes, that I ever did lose, fit on my feet, like paper to glue. The best pair of shoes, that I ever did lose, frayed laces abound, yet I did not peruse.
The faces fade to ash Photographs discolored to the sickly yellow Of rotting buttercups and stagnant sunlight Captured in dust-coated rooms   Disintegrating into something less than nothing
I should be happy But for some reason I'm sad I can't understand the game you're playing It feels like we're on different levelsYou're funny, cute, and awesome But I can't seem to feel what I've felt before 
You’re my Marlboro Red in the dead of night A single amber glow amid the choking blackness  But oh how you will never understand  the way your embers light up my soul Scorching me black from inside out 
Sitting in the past, I see you wear a mask. Why can't you just be honest? I thought you were my goddess. What did I do you wrong? Was I not good enough? The world was against the two of us.
Ten years old I didn't have a worry in the world Eight years later the world is weighing me down I didn't do this right. I could be doing better. I'm selfish. I yell and scream.
A feather floats by, Soft and warm. You feel warm arms, Around you once more. The soft caresses of the past.
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