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Modern Myths Poem If myths were made for modern day Gods and beasts would surely stay  As divine beings greater than us Who rule our world so dangerous With monsters and beasts always near
I am the first, I am terrified. How do I know what to do if I am the first to do it?  The road is unpaved, The path unwalked, Unexplored. I fear failure, I fear it may becoming for me, 
What was once a fantasy, begins to fade Change starts to grow and consumes a new dayFor no one is prepared to for the changes that are headed their way But together we stand everyday  Loss and love continues to sway As our hearts are searching fro
i’d never thought i’d make it far, the path was out of sight; when meaning was unreachable, i’d just turn off the light; my mind would spin in circles, and i did not try to cope;
This is the "Autobiography" of DC, a young boy who once started out as an "Itty Bitty Piggy" 
Here I am all grown up Influenced by your love, your compassion, your intelligence You are my everything  Good or bad, you will be there My night and day, the thing I know will stay 
Agitation sets in.   Rays of sunshine assault the roost. Orange beams awaken the cock. Obnoxious is my neighboring early bird.
To sleep that extra hour To stay up extra late To Eat my favorite Breakfast  And feel as If I ate  Makes Summer so Exciting  To look forward to all Year School Is just my  beginning 
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