1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 

All of the voices were gone, 

opening my eyes.

Return to where I belong.


Here is my haven,

far away from my nightmare.

Freedom not taken,

my wings are able to fly.


Awoken I cry.

Under the whispers I fall,

my wings withered dry, 

with no hand reached out to me.


The chuckles are loud, 

all of their eyes are on me.

Soaring to my cloud,

I try to escape from their words.


Here I want stay,

away from all of the lies.

Swaying my own way,

I will stay here forever.


To stay forever,

I leave my nightmare behind. 

Nothing will matter,

I will always have freedom.


Gone from that nightmare, 

no one will notice me gone.

This moment is rare,

something I cannot pass up.


Here I will not cry.

I will be able to soar,

high up in the sky.

Now gone from this ugly world.

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