Escape the Abyss

Alone lost in the abyss

Towering figures lack of grace

Brute actions hidden in a subtle pace

Movements that burn away 

The euphoria of nostalgia 

Time is but a fatal tease

Oh please oh please cease

To exist or give me a chance to breathe

Wish to see what kind of creation through mutilation I am

Alone I fear what they discover

No crowd 

No cover

Find something I have yet to see

Never honest 

Always looking to be

Entertainingly reactive

Fears of letting go let others know what I don't know

Be myself hell no 

Enjoy life more

Find what it has in store

Prevent this inner war

Cliche like "Just be yourself"

No subtance so I denied before age twelve

These over said things

Led me to find myself alone in the abyss

Broke me down washed the social sludge out

Re invention  or suicide my options

Fuck emmotional precautions

Came out a new man 

Hard road to go down 

After it keep yourself on the ground 

Learn new things on a daily and better functions for it

Know that true self discovery 

Comes from severe pain and misery

To accept and settle secretly wishing to be better 

Won't get you there

When you see deep enough you fall in love

Like a woman head over heels with the real 


Everyday love yourself more 

More light on your soul 

Crystal clear first day

Brighter than the sun the next

The gift of your most difficult quest

From a native of the abyss

Born and raised but reside and will die in happiness

The light existent 

In the journey you must be persistent 

Escape the Abyss











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