Error Material

I'm not Harvard material
I'm not a straight A student
I'm not a person with a name up on a wall
I'm just a kid who has been trying to figure out what it all meant

It's been nine years since I first moved in
And barely any plans of mine have worked out
And in all these years of not fitting in
I've been quietly figuring things out

Armed with nothing but pen and paper
I've found that writing out the things I learned the hard way brings me comfort
And I guess what makes this mind tick is mulling it all over
I've learned the most through all the trials and errors
I've learned that wisdom has all the answers

Sure, I can get through life with just the brains
But after looking through brand new eyes, I can't imagine things that way
In the face of failure, I can't afford to be afraid
Because I've learned to find the answers in my mistakes

I am error material
I am a constant student
I am a person who has learned from my falls
I am a kid, doing my best to figure out what this all meant


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