Equality education

Education is the key to success but how can I have success when all the teachers do is disrespect

Sometimes I want to tell myself f*ck school but how could I think like that

The only other option is death see if I don’t get an education I won‘t be sh*t

And in this society blacks don’t last my pops always tell me you got to be something you got to try because if not society will keep you down

I try to tell my sell Mikey it’s worth it. Try. You can do it. I see light on the other side of this tunnel

But as long as I’m black in school I have to follow the white teacher rules

Which is set up for me to fail instead of prevail because in their mind I’m nothing anyway

I’m just another black kid lost who tying to find a way

See I get it. I get it. School is supposed to be equal but equality for whom?

The black kid like me or the white kid like you?


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